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Hello again! It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote something. Yeah I usually tend to keep everything in my thoughts only, somehow. But today, I feel like writing it, so here it goes.

Similarities. That is pretty much how the world runs these days. Watching television, (in Indonesia) all I see is the similar-show although it is on a different TV station (oh did I tell you that it is the same people on every show? Seriously) as well as (some) music.

Okay, I am just babbling around.

But seriously, I am going to write about some interesting stuffs I found while I am wasting my time procrastinating, Youtube-ing. Dan karena dasarnya hobi mengkritik (baca: Kasarnya: nyacat) One of the interesting things I found was this.


Hmmm pretty much the similar, eh?

Ok, to make it easier, let’s break it down to few points

  • Black-and-white

Both of them are in B/W. Ok, there is no harm in using Black-and-white on a sad songs video like these, but… yeah. The way the videos shot, pretty much mimics one another.

  • The scenes and video (again, w/pictures)


The video starts with the lady (the vocalist) on a close-up shot


With these dried foliage under (oh, and also the helpless, sad lady)


And that angel (or I don’t know what it is, but looks similar) sculpture


People from the band, sitting, doing nothing (probably contemplating?)


And then the people from the band starts to wander around making face


Still… wandering around (with oh-my-god exactly the same framing shot)


The lady with unbearable pain


(Still) laying helplessly with the similar angle


The man from the band begins to play their instrument (ah, I forgot to mention both of the video have grand piano) instead of upright piano, (or maybe) old – and – dusty piano?


And the close up shot of the piano.

  • The song itself (the music, in particular)

Both songs are (kinda) telling how the band (or those who watch or get into the emotional of the song and the video) longing of someone who is gone, leaves, passes away.

My immortal both the music and lyric goes with the atmosphere and emotion totally. But Noah’s (formerly peterpan) song is have more wide meaning depending on how the listener want to take the lyric, interpreting it to the listener’s own emotion. The music, soft (and a bit gloomy) piano definitely brings the emotion.

  • The song… (more)

In contrary, “My Immortal” by Evanescence was originally a full-piano with strings song. Whilst ”Cobalah mengerti” by Noah was originally a Full-band song (even tho’ the piano part is a contrast part on the song) but it is a song with upbeat and electronic synth-ed.

But then, on the video, Evanescence took the song into a whole new level, bringing the sad-mood song into “a-bit rock alternative (?)” song while Noah switched the song totally to full-piano with strings song. Hmmm ah then it makes both of them similar then?

Spoiler alert: The switched their song into a new version.

Whoa that is some points made and explained the title, “similar”. Yup. But then I was thinking, why would the band made the video very much similar with “my immortal” ?

I think you need to read this

It is a bit off-the-point, but Noah’s video was actually published when the band’s lead vocal got caught on a lawsuit case that ‘jeopardizes’ the band’s future as one of the most popular band in Indonesia. Given that the lead vocal had to be jailed for a while. The video tells (pretty much how the band really misses their vocalist)

And here’s what I thought, The band wants to bring the emotion of the song (from the music) and in addition to that, with the video to bring the viewer’s emotion into “my immortal” mood even though the lyrics of “cobalah mengerti” is not really contains the feeling of “sad-because-someone-passed-away-with-all-the-memories-still-lingers”. I was thinking, maybe it was an intertextuality they are making? well, probably.


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